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The YS Pride Festival enters the heart of Yellow Springs with Love Riot

Updated: May 18

The Annual YS Pride Festival is one of the most anticipated, inclusive, family-friendly events held within the Village of Yellow Springs. Each year, people from all walks of life visit Yellow Springs, OH with aspirations of authentically connecting, and celebrating with the others who arrived under the umbrella of "Be Yourself Here!" As a welcoming community, the YS Pride Festival is known as a place where all are not only welcome - but celebrated, and features LGBTQ+ inclusive local shoppes.

This year, Yellow Springs Pride Inc. is excited to officially announce that the 2023 Annual YS Pride Festival travels to the heart of the Village, in partnership with Mills Lawn Elementary School and Jackson Jackson Lytle & Lewis Life Celebration Center. This is HUGE! Hosting the event in this location increases mobility access, presents a short walk to additional shopping, and features ample green space for children to play & families to celebrate together. The event will be from 11am - 7pm, with updates released as they are finalized.

But there is more excitement to announce...

Coming on the heals of a recent Mayoral Proclamation, and legislation by the Yellow Springs Village Council affirming the Village of Yellow Springs as a Safe and Welcoming Community for Transgender Persons, the YS Pride Festival Committee is equally proud to announce the event theme: LOVE RIOT. Many have fought, and continue to fight for space - for visibility - for rights. BUT, throughout struggle, LOVE is still the balm that heals. This year, we ferociously embrace love with LOVE RIOT!

Each year, YS Pride strives to feature an experience where people feel welcome, valued, and celebrated. This year, we are excited to welcome even MORE people, and offer MORE resources, entertainment, and advocacy opportunities. But, this year also brings unforeseen financial challenges which pose as barriers when planning this event, and future resource opportunities.

To meet these new challenges, we’ve set up the LOVE RIOT campaign with a goal of $5,000, and hope that you will join us!

Your help goes directly to producing the Annual YS Pride Festival, and allows us to positively impact the experience of all who attend.

Donate if you can, and join us as we ferociously embrace love with this year's theme of LOVE RIOT!

Participation opportunities are still available for:

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