Be A #YSPRIDE Correspondent & Capture the Moments

Be a part of the 10th Annual Yellow Springs Pride Celebration by making YOUR moments OUR moments.


While attending #YSPRIDE, snap photos of your local shopping with the PRIDE GUIDE, your friends, the LIVE Entertainment, the Annual Parade, the Don't Stay Silent Dance Party, and more. Document your day!

Become a #PRIDE correspondent by using the hashtag #YSPRIDE all day long when you GO LIVE, or post images to social media. Represent!

Today, it is all about unity, education, inclusion and celebration. For those who are unable to attend, LET'S BEING PRIDE DIRECTLY TO THEIR SMARTPHONES!

Capture the fun. Capture the #pride. Capture the moment. #YSPRIDE #BeYourselfHere

LIST OF EVENTS The goal of YS Pride is simple: Create intentional space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to know that they matter, that they are valued, that they are seen, that they are supported, and that they BELONG! 
#BeYourselfHere #YSPride

For more information about #YSPride, visit


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