Who will be crowned this years 1st #YSPrideRoyalty?

We are breaking out, and taking it up a couple notches! Last year, we had an amazing time with our Drag Queen Contest. Such great talent and personalities: Just great people! This year, we are going one step further.

This year will be the first year that YS Pride introduces: YS Pride Royalty! To help promote inclusion, diversity, and equality, we are opening up the contest to all LGBTQ+ who want to look F•A•B•U•L•O•U•S! All dramatic, over-the-top, pride-inspired attire is welcome and desired!

Each contestant must submit a 1-2 minute video, introducing themselves, and explain why they should be the next YS Pride Royalty. Once the competition starts, the contestant videos will be uploaded to the YS Pride FB page, and the public will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite. The 3 contestants receiving the most video LIKES will become part of the YS Royal Court, and the contestant with the overall most likes will be named this years #YSPrideRoyalty.

This event title (YS Pride Royalty) and contest will anniversary each year, adding to the YS Pride Royal family. Contestants must check in before the start of the parade & ride on the YS ROYAL float to be eligible to win. Contestants must resemble the drama and look of their introduction video!

How Do I Vote:

1. Like the YS PRIDE Facebook Page. 2. Select the contestant video that you would like to vote for. 3. Click "LIKE." 4. Help promote your favorite by sharing their video with your circle of influence.

Are there prizes?

Absolutely! Each of the three winners receives prizes that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! Stay tuned for the release of this year's YS Pride Royalty sponsors.

How do I register for the contest?

We are so excited that you are interested in becoming #YSPrideRoyalty. Click the link below and complete the registration process. Once you have completed the registration process, create a 1 - 2 minute video indicating: 1. Your Name 2. Where you are from.

3. Why you should be selected as #YSPrideRoyalty

Helpful Video Tips: If you are recording on a phone, place the phone in landscape (left to right) position, so the frame takes up the entire viewing window.

Do not add any music in need of copyright permissions to your video, as it may disqualify you for copyright infringement.

Ensure that the recording area is quiet and well lit.

Look your best. DRAMA IT ALL THE WAY UP! This is the public's introduction to you. Make it count!

Once you have created your video, send it to the YSPride Facebook Page via MSGR with your name and Facebook URL. Once voting begins, all contestants will be displayed on the YSPride FB Page. You are encouraged to share the posting of your video with your audience for awareness and to garner more likes. The top 3 videos with the most likes will be the Royal Court, and the video with the MOST likes will be named this years #YSPrideRoyalty.

Have fun! Show your personality and be yourself.


Disclaimer: You must be 18+ to enter.


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