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Sponsor Levels

RED: $1000.00 - 10 beer tickets, name announced as a ‘Life’ level supporter at both the main event stage as well as the Rubi Girl’s evening show, a scheduled group photo with you and the Rubi Girls during YS Pride event, plus Orange level benefits.

ORANGE: $750.00 - 10x10 vendor space on the day of event, 5 beer tickets, name announced at main stage as an Orange level supporter plus Yellow level benefits.

YELLOW: $500.00 - A personal thank you on the YS Pride Facebook page, and name and/or logo displayed on YS Pride Facebook page, Facebook event page, YS Pride website, displayed at event stage, and listed on public email correspondence as an official YSPride supporter.  YS Pride Deluxe Package (YS pride stickers, buttons, large Pride flag and a YS Pride t-shirt)

GREEN: $250.00 - A personal thank you on the YS Pride event page, Name and/or logo displayed at the event, a thank you announcement on the Main Stage, plus Blue level benefits.

BLUE: $100.00 - A personal thank you on the YS Pride Facebook page, a thank you letter, and the YS Pride Package: (YS Pride button, stickers, and small Pride flag)

INDIGO: $50.00 -  Thank you letter and YS Pride & Pride thank you stickers

VIOLET: $25.00- Thank you letter and Pride sticker

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