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Yellow Springs, OH has a long history of inclusion: Welcoming, accepting, and supporting people from all walks of life - regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious preference, and gender. Equality for ALL and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights remain at the forefront of community initiatives.

To celebrate authenticity, individuality, and the right to the pursuit of happiness for ALL, Yellow Springs hosts an Annual #YSPride Event on the last Saturday of June. This fantastic gathering is to educate, learn, dance, sing, listen, and enjoy each other's diversities in a warm, friendly, affirming, and inclusive environment where ALL are welcome.

Each year, community members, non-profits & businesses are invited to participate in the festivities by supporting through sponsorship of cars, floats, prizes for contests, finances, in-kind gifts, volunteering time, and other needed resources to make this event the absolute best that it can be. In addition, LGBTQ+ artists, vendors, musicians, and allies are highlighted (when available) throughout the event.

The goal of YS Pride is simple: Create intentional space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to know that they matter, that they are valued, that they are seen, that they are supported, and that they BELONG! 
#BeYourselfHere #YSPride



YS Pride continues to provide a safe space for people - both in the LGBTQ+ community as well as allies - to express themselves. Our inclusive, diverse community supports the rights of each person to freely be themselves:
No judgment. No discrimination. No hate.
Join us as we remain committed to celebrating equality for ALL.


We are always looking for dedicated & excited individuals to join our team.


Whether personal or corporate sponsorship, your support goes a long way.


Be a part of the success of YS Pride by showing your support with a donation. 


Discover other Pride Events & Schedules in our neighboring communities. 


Through the kindness & generosity of our supporters and donors, we are able to not only produce the Annual Pride & LGBTQ+ Advocacy event but also establish other support programs, initiatives, and events in and around the Yellow Springs, Ohio community. 

Thank you to all who give in support of LGBTQ+ equality & visibility.
Your kindness and partnership make a difference!

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