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Celebrating Transgender Visibility and Declaring Safe Spaces

Yellow Springs Pride, Inc. has been a longstanding proponent of creating safe and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, and allies in the immediate and surrounding communities. Including the Annual YS Pride Festival, creating intentional spaces has been a priority of the organization, and continues to be the catalyst for continued education and growth opportunities.

"It’s a really scary time to be trans in Ohio and most other places right now. Let’s not forget the individuals who are most impacted by the current political climate. It’s not just advocating for equity and human rights; it’s about real people who are at threat of extreme violence and genocide." -Alissa Paolella

Through the support of the Yellow Springs Village Council, VILLAGE OF YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO RESOLUTION 2023-13, was passed, which officially affirms the Village of Yellow Springs as a Safe and Welcoming Community for Transgender Persons. This resolution continues to align itself with the values of the Village, and reinforces the YS Pride slogan of "Be Yourself Here!"

Taking support on step further, the Mayor Pam (of the Village of Yellow Springs) gave voice to the national plight of visibility for the Transgender community, and drafted a Mayoral Proclamation which celebrated the newest Village Council resolution, and declared March 31st, 2023 to be Transgender Day of Visibility within the Village of Yellow Springs.

Back Row: Village Council President, Brian Housh; Mayor Pam, Shadia Alverez, Emily Siebel, Phillip O'Rourke | Front Row: Alexandra Scott, Alissa Paolella

BACK ROW Brian Housh: Village Council President Mayor Pam: Village of Yellow Springs Shadia Alverez: Executive Director, Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom Emily Seibel: Executive Director, Yellow Springs Home, Inc.; Steering Committee Member/Co-Founder, Inclusive & Resilient Yellow Springs Coalition; and Co-Founder, YS Pride

Phillip O'Rourke: Yellow Springs Pride, Inc. President FRONT ROW

Alex Scott: Lead Convener, Inclusive & Resilient Yellow Springs Coalition; Outreach & Fundraising Manager, Yellow Springs Home, Inc.

Alissa Paolella: Yellow Springs Pride, Inc.

It is the responsibility of us ALL to make the world brighter than we found it. Visibility doesn't always equal understanding. It simply means that everyone deserves to live, dream, and pursue life equally. We can do better...and better starts right now. - Phillip O'Rourke

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