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Volunteer Details

Yellow Springs Pride Volunteer Descriptions

Below helps to outline some of the many important volunteer support areas. Although many of these opportunities may overlap, each volunteer plays a pivotal part of the YS Pride Festival experience, and overall success. | FAQs

Festival Support: As a VIP among the volunteer team, you will help with traffic control while booth and food/beverage vendors enter and leave the festival. Additionally, committee members may ask you to help decorate at the festival, set up the official YS Pride Info Tent, greet vendors and attendees, and assist vendors in unloading or loading their vehicles.

Parade Volunteers: Parade volunteers will place signs along the parade route at the beginning of their shifts and take them down at the end. Other tasks include the following:

  • Parade marshaling: Directing the flow of the parade and ensuring safety along the route.

  • Crowd control: Assist with managing the flow of spectators and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

  • Clean-up crew: Assisting in post-parade clean-up to ensure the area is left clean and tidy.

Decorators: As a decorator at Pride, you will help the hosting organization, YS Pride, decorate for the festival. This role includes setting up the festival and the YS Pride Info Tent, where visitors can get their YS Pride merch, ask questions, get directions, and more.

Greeters: Everyone is a greeter, which is pivotal in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at Pride. By greeting everyone you see and informing them about the assistance available from our official Pride Volunteer T-shirt wearers, you have the power to make every visitor feel valued and included.

Crossing Guards: Crossing guards at the intersection of Xenia Avenue and Limestone Street and will be responsible for keeping our visitors safe as they come and go.

Parking Attendants: As a parking attendant, you will be stationed at the Mills Lawn Elementary parking lot, which is reserved for people with disabilities, entertainers, and mobile parade participants. You will advise drivers who attempt to enter the lot that it is reserved. We will rely on an honor system for people to follow the rules. You will not be tasked with asking drivers to move their vehicles.

Event Assistants: As versatile event assistants, you have the exciting opportunity to be roamers, ready to fill in wherever needed. This flexibility allows you to experience various aspects of the event, making your volunteering experience dynamic and engaging.

Production Assistants: Production assistants help with all things entertainment at the main stage.

Volunteer Information Packet

Open and download this resource packet PDF to meet the team, discover quick tips, and find contact information.

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  • Where should I go when I arrive at the festival? What should I wear?
    Volunteers must check in and out with volunteer organizer Alissa Paolella or a Pride Festival Committee member at the YS Pride Info Tent for safety and tracking purposes. Wear your pink YS Pride Volunteer T-shirt. Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift begins.
  • Where is the Pride Tent?
    The Pride Tent is located on the south end of South Walnut Street, just past Short Street and near the First Aid Tent. It will be under the smaller of two large rainbow arches. You can’t miss us!
  • Where is the First Aid Tent?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • Can my child or teen receive credit for volunteer community service at Pride?
    Yes, as long as our event meets all qualifications. Please review arrangements thoroughly to determine eligibility and bring any required paperwork for the Pride Festival volunteer organizer (Alissa Paolella) to sign at the end of the child’s/teen’s shift.
  • Who should I contact if there is an emergency?
    While we appreciate the quick and decisive action of volunteers,only trained law enforcement should handle a potentially conscientious situation. Flag down an officer, EMT, or another volunteer or planning committee member for support. Inform law enforcement of suspicious activity or unattended items. Historically, our Pride Festival has not drawn protestors, but it is always possible. Do not engage with protestors.
  • What are the street closures for the Pride Festival?
    South Walnut Street will be closed between West Limestone and Elm streets. Additionally, Short Street will be closed.
  • What is the Parade Route?
  • What is the plan for inclement weather?
    Power outages: YS Pride will use generators for electricity in the event of a power outage. Dangerous weather: In the event of dangerous weather, we will communicate directly with you. Meet at the YS Pride Info Tent, if possible, so we can know everyone is accounted for. Rain: The event will continue through rain unless lightning is observed in the area.
  • Are pets allowed at the YS Pride Festival?
    For the safety of attendees and their animals, pets are not permitted at Pride. If you observe someone walking a pet (which is not the same as a service animal), you can gently remind them that we value the safety of attendees and pets and ask them to come back later without their pet.
  • What steps are you taking to ensure accessibility for those with disabilities during Pride?
    YS Pride and our volunteers value inclusion. You will assist with accommodation requests. Accessible parking will be designated in the Mills Lawn Elementary School parking lot for those with handicapped placards. Like our approach to pets, this is conducted on an honor system. Accessible portable restrooms will be placed at both ends of the wheelchair-accessible event. Be observant. If in doubt, reach out to Alissa or stop by the YS Pride Info Tent. Remember, not all disabilities are visible.
  • Who belongs at Pride?
    The short answer is everyone! This includes people of all sexualities, gender identities and expressions, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and more. An essential part of your is to make everyone feel welcomed and included.
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