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The Yellow Springs Pride Parade Goes Purple with The Purple March

Updated: Jun 7

This year, Yellow Springs Pride is taking a significant step forward. The 2024 celebration is embracing adding a powerful new element to the colorful Pride Parade called The PURPLE March.

Ms. Demure | Producer of Harper’s Bazzaroworld 📺 Oldest LGBTQ+🌈Public Access Variety Talk show in the USA 🇺🇸

The brainchild of Ms. Demure, Producer of Harper’s Bazzaroworld - Oldest LGBTQ+ Public Access Variety Talk show in the USA, this addition highlights the crucial issues of reproductive rights and the ongoing fight for diversity and inclusion. 


The color purple symbolizes bravery, wisdom, and dignity, and has a historical connection to justice and equality, making it a fitting choice for this year's march. It stands for resilience and solidarity in the face of challenges to reproductive freedoms and gender equality.

The parade will feature contests, vibrant floats, cars, and walkers, creating an environment of both celebration and declaration. Marching alongside allies and advocates, we all contribute to the message of unity for which Yellow Springs Pride stands. While the Purple March brings a critical message to the forefront, the Annual Yellow Springs Pride Festival remains a celebration of love, diversity, and community. It's a time for people to come together and celebrate their identities with pride and without fear.

Come for the parade, stay for the cause. Together, we can work towards a future where reproductive rights are protected, and diversity and inclusion are celebrated. Your participation matters. Your voice matters. Let’s make the 2024 Yellow Springs Pride & the Parade an event that makes a real difference.

Join the Purple March at the 2024 Yellow Springs Pride Parade as we move towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

BE THE CHANGE! Give today to continue the efforts for more inclusion, more advocacy, and more equality. Together, we can make a difference! DONATE NOW


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