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Celebrate Diversity and Creativity with the 2024 YS Pride Festival Contests

Yellow Springs, Ohio, is gearing up for another fabulous YS Pride Festival, and this year, the contests are more exciting than ever. From adorning your pets in their finest pride-themed outfits to decking out your home in vibrant decorations, there's something for everyone to show their pride and creativity. Here’s a rundown of the contests that will bring extra color and joy to the festivities:


YS Pets Got Pride: Voting June 24 - June 28

Calling all pet lovers! Dress up your furry, feathery, or scaly family member in their best Pride-themed outfit and snap a picture. Whether it's a rainbow bandana, a glittery costume, or a simple, yet elegant Pride flag cape, we want to see your pet’s pride spirit shine.

How to Enter:

- Take a picture of your pet in their Pride outfit.

- Share the picture via YS Pride FB Messenger, and include:

- Your Name

- Your Pet’s Name

- Your Email Address

- Your Telephone Number

Participants do not need to be residents of Yellow Springs, OH but must be present at the 2024 Yellow Springs Pride Festival to receive their contest award.

The pet image with the most positive reactions on Facebook will be named the winner. The winner will be announced at the YS Pride Festival. Remember, pets are not allowed at the festival, so ensure you, the owner, are present to accept the award. Entries must be received before the start of voting on June 24th.


YS Home Decorating Contest: Voting June 24 - June 28

Show your pride right from your doorstep! Deck out your house in the ultimate Pride-themed decorations. Whether you go for bold rainbow lights, vibrant flags, or creative artwork, let your home be a beacon of inclusivity and celebration - and remember, YS Pride goes PURPLE this year!

How to Enter:

- Decorate your home in Pride themes.

- Share a picture of your decorated home with us via YS Pride FB Messenger, and include:

- Your Name

- Your Email Address

- Your Telephone Number

The home image with the most positive reactions will be declared the winner. The winner will be announced at the YS Pride Festival, and you must be located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, to participate. All entries must be submitted before June 24th.


YS Pride Parade Spirit Award (MOBILE)

Get your vehicle ready for the parade! Decorate your float, car, truck, or van with as much Pride flair as possible. Think rainbows, streamers, and lights to make your vehicle the standout during the parade on Saturday, June 29th.

How to Enter:

- Decorate your vehicle for the parade.

- Join the YS Pride Parade and showcase your creativity.

Voting will take place during the parade, and the vehicle with the best decorations will win the 2nd Annual Spirit Award, presented by the fabulous Ms. Demure. The winner will be announced on the festival stage.


YS Pride Best-In-March (The PURPLE March)

Walk with pride in The Purple March! Show your support and express your creativity by wearing your best purple-inspired Pride gear. Whether it’s a dazzling outfit, bold accessories, or a stunning makeup look, strut your stuff and make a statement.

How to Enter:

- Wear your best pride inspired and/or purple gear.

- Join the Purple March during the YS Pride Parade.

Voting will take place during the parade, and the best-in-march will be announced as the winner. The announcement will be made on the festival stage, so prepare to be fabulous and show your spirit on Saturday, June 29th.


Join the Celebration!

The 2024 Yellow Springs Pride Festival promises to be a vibrant and inclusive celebration, with these contests providing the perfect platform for everyone to express their pride in unique and creative ways. Whether you're dressing up your pet, decorating your home, or showcasing your spirit in the parade, your participation helps make this event truly special.

So, get your entries ready, gather your friends and family, and let's make this year's YS Pride Festival the best one yet!

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