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Phillip O'Rourke represents YS Pride Festival on Gaywaves Podcast

Yellow Springs, Ohio has a long history of liberalism and inclusion, and its LGBTQ community reflects those traditions.


Yellow Springs Pride president Phillip O'Rourke joins Gaywaves to preview this weekend's event and talk about what participants should expect.

  During this episode: • The History of Inclusion in Yellow Springs, OH

• The definition of Family Friendly • Handling threats and opposition

• Festival Details

• The importance of unity.


About Gaywaves Gaywaves is the longest continuously aired LGBTQ public affairs radio program in Ohio and probably beyond, having originally aired as Radio Lambda in the 1970s. The show's expanded format and pre-recorded interviews have given the opportunity to share parts of the show beyond NE Ohio. This podcast is the best of the recorded interviews with LGBTQ news makers and opinion shapers from all over the country. The interviewer is Eric Resnick, a premiere LGBT newspaper journalist formally with the now defunct Gay People's Chronicle. The podcast features newsworthy interviews with national LGBT political figures, activists, and community leaders. Click for more info...

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